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The case of Chris Mackney who committed suicide after a prolonged court battle with his ex Dina Mackney is making the news again; this time over copyright. His ex-wife - who took control of his estate - claims that his suicide letter should be taken offline entirely.

I would not like to get involved in the sad issue at hand other than to ask the following questions/raise the following points:

  • Divorce battles often get out of control. If I were to go to my doctor and say: "Please remove my leg because I have an injured toe", should the doctor comply with my request, or should this highly trained professional explain to me that my toe will heal and I do not have to lose my leg?
  • Putting real dangers to children aside, what is the real consequence of having a parent jailed? What is the real consequence of a court battle that is prolonged for many years?  What is the real consequence of parents playing these games regarding child contact and maintenance? What is the consequence of the legal system (seemingly) keeping these family wars spinning around and around?

It is understandable for adults to dislike or hate each other, but is divorcing that person not the solution to the problem?

How easy is it for a person with a criminal record to find employment and to pay maintenance? And why then arrest the parent again for non-payment of maintenance? Generally speaking, a child growing up with a parent who committed suicide and a mother who is scalded globally: Is this not a case of  "cut your nose off to spite your own face"?

Your marriage did not work out, and now you have the opportunity to either engage in years of court battles (read: 'hate and anger'), or to find a new partner and to build a happy new life together.

Should we not stop blaming one parent and start blaming both parents? No matter who is at fault, the only true consequence is damaged children.

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