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What is CoParenting TwoHomes Software?

The TwoHomes software was developed in conjunction with our mediation team to further assist parents. It manages all information and communication relating to your children easily and effectively in one spot. The software shares all the information, in real-time, with the other parent, minimising potential conflict between the parents. The software can also supply accurate reports, should disputes end up in mediation or in court, .

Who uses the software?

  • Divorced or separated parents managing two homes.
  • Single parents use the software as a personal assistant.
  • Mediators: With the approval from parents, their assigned mediator/facilitator/case manager uses the software to assist parents more effectively.

How do I access the software?

Once registered, you can access the software from any device connected to the internet. Devices include PC's, smart phones, laptops or tablets.

Get free access to our Mediators

By signing up and being an active software user, you can ask unlimited questions to our mediators and case managers. You will also receive a discount when booking mediation services.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Only you and the 'shared' parent of your choice can access your information.


The software is encrypted (https) - your information is safe and confidential. If you think that your password might be compromised, simply login and change your password.

Can the software assist me in mediation or court?

Yes, the software is independent of both parents. Should a dispute arise, simply contact us to have the relevant reports created. Remember that all the information is shared by both parents (Dual Parent Account) without prejudice - we simply supply accurate and clear reporting.

What does the software do?

Track all communication between you and your ex and end the he said/she said cycle. Remember also that most parents find communication with the other parent very challenging. The software illuminates conflict and ensures that you cannot be accused of not communicating child related matters to the other parent.

Child Expenses
Load and track expenses relating to your children without ever needing to keep the slips.

Load all school and family events. The other parent may then decide to attend or not.

Load all documents relating to your children, school academics or notices, mediation, litigation or any other that relates to your children or the other parent.

Contact details
Load all contact details of your total family system, teachers, your children's friend's/parents, guardians, schools, or even the plumber and never struggle again to find a number or email address.

* Note that the software is upgraded daily. We value your input - please feel free to send suggestions to us.

How much does it cost?

Before you buy, use the software free of charge for 14 days. Two account types are available:

  • Dual Parent Account @ R139 per month
  • Single Parent Account @ R70 per month

We offer monthly, 6-monthly and 12-monthly payment options via online card payments, EFT or direct deposit.

Can I pay for the other parent?

Yes you can. Simply select the Dual Parent Account on the Sign Up screen. Grandparents or other interested parties are also welcome to sign up on behalf of the parents. Payments can be made online via credit or debit cards or EFT or direct deposits.

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