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Reasons why addicts deny help from treatment for substance



The Addiction Recovery Network posted:

If you are not a drug or alcohol addict, you may wonder why those that are don’t seek help. Addicts come from every walk of life and each person has their own opinions and demons. This is cause for many different excuses an addict may have for avoiding treatment. These addicts that deny help will go out of their way to continue drinking or using. These excuses not to seek help by addicts come from underlying contributors of fear and denial.

The Fear of a Treatment for Substance Abuse

Fear is the main reason that addicts will not seek help for their drug or alcohol problems. This powerful emotion manifests itself in many ways. Fear can motivate even the strongest willed person to stay away from helpful situations, like treatment. Fearful excuses an addict will give to avoid treatment include:

“I’m not going to like treatment”- Change is always hard, especially if one is used to a lifestyle of self-medicating for a long period of time. One could think that being sober is not going to be fun. Being wary of the unknown can cause an addict to deny recovery options.

“I won’t succeed at treatment”- The fear of failure in sobriety can cause an addict to avoid help. The truth is, there is no failure in recovery. Deciding to work on sobriety every day is a feat in itself. Overcoming the fear of failure is to accept that one is only human and makes mistakes.

“I don’t want to go through the pain”- Pain is the main reason why people become addicts in the first place. Self-medicating problems with drugs and alcohol is running from emotional pain. An addict needs to realize that pain is a part of every life, and can be overcome.

“I don’t want anyone to know”- Some addicts will completely avoid rehabilitation because they are afraid of others knowing of their problem. They would rather continue on a path of addiction than deal with the consequences of their actions, including the opinions of others.

The Denial of an Addict of the Need for Treatment for Substance Abuse

Denial is a driving factor for many addicts before they decide to seek treatment. Some hide their problems so deep inside that they do not even know that alcohol or drug addiction poses a problem for them. Others are aware of their problem but still deny that treatment will provide them with the help that they need. Things an addict that will not go to treatment might say include:

“I don’t have a problem”- This delusional mindset is cause for many addicts to not seek help. Many alcoholics and users think that the problem is with others and not themselves. An addict recognizing and identifying their issues is the first step towards seeking help through treatment.

“Treatment won’t help me”- Some addicts do not think that treatment will just not help them. This goes hand in hand with low self-esteem and many years of addiction. Treatment for drugs and alcohol involves mental health therapy, which helps those that no longer have hope regain control and balance in their lives.

“I can do it myself”- Many addicts think that they can handle their problem with drug or alcohol dependency on their own. Some even think that the problem will just fix itself. Over time, the addict will realize that nothing they are doing is working and that they are still stuck in the cycle of addiction.

Addicts that Deny Treatment for Financial Reasons

The highest number of addicts that recognize their problem and do not seek help are those that cannot afford the financial costs of treatment. Many do not know that The Florida House Experience is likely covered under their medical insurance plan. Many of our patients receive 100% financial coverage from their medical insurance companies. If you have medical insurance, then money cannot be your excuse to not seek help for your addictions.

Finally Deciding to Seek Treatment for Substance Abuse

Armed with excuses, addicts will always deny help with their substance abuse issues. The truth is, no one can decide on treatment for addiction except the addict. Unfortunately, this usually does not happen until the addict is faced with nowhere else to go. If you know or love an addict, you can suggest treatment. Be careful not to enable an addict, since hitting rock bottom can be the deciding factor to go to treatment.

If you are an alcoholic or drug addict that is seeking treatment, we have many treatment options available. Put your excuses away and take a chance.

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