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What is Divorce Coaching?



Divorce coaching is a partnership specifically designed to help you clarify, believe in and attain your hopes and dreams as you move through the storm of divorce.

Together we create a path to clarity while providing a healthy sounding board with which you can examine your fears and the obstacles in your path and identify your deepest desires. If you are struggling yet ready to move forward towards feeling empowered; stuck yet wanting to shift to a place where you can create a future you love, then engaging in divorce coaching is right for you.

How does Divorce Coaching work?

We begin the coaching relationship discussing the goals and aspirations that are most important to you. At first, your emotional survival may be all you can aim for. As time goes on, your new sense of confidence and empowerment will enhance your hopes and dreams.

As the client you are in charge, deciding the focus of each session. Each week we explore a topic of your choosing, looking at your struggles, your ideal outcome and where are you feeling stuck. During the session you develop clarity, unearth the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward and finally develop new awareness and create action plans to attain your goals.

You are guaranteed to feel more confident and empowered to handle both the issues at hand as well as your overall circumstances with a renewed inner strength.

Working with a divorce coach helps you to become aware of your resistance and begin to embrace your circumstances so that you can move through them and be open to the possibilities that lie on the other side.

Your Coach will also assist and guide you to ensure that you do not spend unnecessary money and time while navigating your divorce or separation.

How do I find a Divorce Coach near me?

Unlike traditional therapy which requires in-person sessions, most coaching is conducted via telephone or Skype. Such flexibility enables you to choose your coach based on their expertise and your comfort level with them rather than their geographic proximity to you.

How will I know if Coaching is right for me?

If you are sincerely ready and dedicated to improving your circumstances, we want to offer you a a free 15 minute coaching session with one of our outstanding divorce coaches via phone or Skype. You will know by the end of that first session, if this is the right step for you.

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